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Monthly Archives: June 2019

15 Jun 2019
Home Staging Tips for Great Real Estate Photos

Home Staging Tips for Great Real Estate Photos

7 Tips for Staging Your Home for Real Estate Photography   In my last blog post I talked a little bit about the benefits of staging your home for real estate photography. Preparing your home as a universally appealing space can be tricky and ultimately expensive. However, there are easy and cost-effective tips for staging your home for great real estate photos. Here are my home staging tips for great real estate photos:   1. Fresh paint Wall scuffs and […]

01 Jun 2019

Real Estate Photography Tips

Real Estate Photography Tips. You are selling your home! Whatever the reason for your move, the sooner you can sell your home, the better! There are some great real estate websites that offer wonderful first views of potential homes. Having been through the process fairly recently, I can say that those first photo impressions of your home are so important! I have revisited homes on various websites over and over, enjoying each photo while imagining my life there. I have […]