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Best Locations for Family Sessions That are Fun and Easy

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Fun Photo Session Locations That are Accessible and Easy

A few weeks ago, I talked about how and what you should pick to wear to your next photo session. Along with what you wear, a key factor for a great photo session is the location of the shoot.  I want to talk about locations that are easy, fun, and add a wow factor in photos! Here are some suggestions for best locations for family (and non-family) sessions that are fun and easy.

A beautiful park is an easy and lovely location.

Take time to research where you live. Where are your area’s green spaces? Here, in Florence, S.C, there is Jeffries Creek Park, Timrod Park, and Lucas Park, to name a few. Also, don’t forget the state parks. Cypress trees, waterways, and budding flora make for a captivating setting. These locations offer room to capture your family in a natural setting. This type of setting is beautiful and big enough to have your session in peace. Picking an outdoor location with low foot traffic means there is no one watching your photo session. It is worth your time and effort to find somewhere that is calm. This will help everyone involved to concentrate fully on the photo session.

Going downtown in your city is an easy and fun way to have a unique setting in your photo session!

For those not concerned about passersby then downtown in your city can offer an array of textures to use as a backdrop. Downtown Florence, S.C., is going through a great revitalization. The restoration of many of the older buildings into functional, beautiful places of business is adding lots of character. Many of these buildings feature exposed brick, growing ivy, among other wonderful, original architectural attributes from the past. These make a unique and lovely backdrop for a photo shoot. Stairs are always interesting as a background, as well as roof top views, if you are lucky enough to have that in your city. In a larger city, there are also amazing public murals and graffiti art to consider as a backdrop.

Photo sessions for children that are fun for them!

A lovely park for a children’s photo shoot is a charming alternative to a stationary session. We see such joy in the faces of our children when they are at play. A photographer with a good eye would be able to see the potential here and capture moments of your child at play. Photos of your little one climbing a ladder, racing down a slide, swinging on a swing, or just playing in the leaves makes for beautiful memories. If your goal is to have a fun photo shoot of your children at play, and in the moment of what they are doing, then seek out a park that is beautiful and with a good mix of nature and playground. What parks inspire you?

Home Sweet Home

I would be remiss to not name your own home as a great portrait session location that is easy. Documenting the arrival of a new family member or the time right before is so special. Capturing that change in your own home could make for unbelievable shots! Don’t exclude a family session in your home that will capture your everyday magic either. The comfort you feel in your own home would be evident in every photo, as well as the personality in your style and decor!

The Beach

We are lucky here in South Carolina. There is a wealth of coastline within a short distance that makes a timeless and beautiful backdrop to any photo shoot. The horizon on the water, the sand, and the colors all make an effortlessly chic backdrop to a photo session. A professional photographer will provide insight into what to wear and what time of day to take your photos for truly amazing results.

While booking a beach photo session you may want to keep in mind that part of the fee will be travel for the photographer. When you have found the right photographer the session fee with travel cost factored in will be worth it.  So, if a beach photo session is what you want, and you find a photographer who can produce beautiful portraits you are imagining, then that additional fee is something to consider and to ask your photographer at your session consultation.

Ask your photographer!

Also, don’t forget that if you are stumped on where to have your portrait session and are open to ideas, ask your photographer! I am privileged to certain locations and areas that no other photographer is. All photographers have their spots! I have experience and ideas and have seen what works and what doesn’t. If you choose a seasoned photographer, she/he will know what locations will yield results, may have access to locations that no one else does, and will be able to tailor the photo shoot location to the people in the portrait session.

Thanks for reading!

As always thank you for reading the blog! I love comments, questions, and your own stories of photo success!

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