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Before the session

I worked hard to include all most commonly asked questions about how I work and what you can expect from our time together. If I have failed, please contact me and I will be happy to chat with you over the phone, through email, over coffee or cake (you had me at cake!).
Frequently asked questions
This would be my first question, too! I am here for one reason only and that is to serve my clients. From inquiry to delivery of products, I make the whole process smooth, convenient, and easy for you. I value your time and this is why I created a fast and easy workflow so you can spend less time planning and more time working on other things. Investing in family keepsakes or your business is not only a financial commitment but an emotional one as well but one that you will never regret making. In turn, I will capture those fleeting moments, while showing your emotions, fun, and connections. And your business will shine ;)
How do I book a session?
Click on "Details" tab of the type of service you want to book. At the bottom of the page, click on "Book Now" button. The button will take you to my Square Up store where you can pay for your session online! It's that easy and convenient!
How long does the session last?
It depends on the type of session but family sessions can last up to one-and-a-half hours. Brand photography and videography session times vary and are determined on an individual basis; however, plan for at least two hours.
What is included in the session fee?
In general, and unless otherwise noted, session fee reserves the date for your photo shoot, is non-refundable and due at the time of booking. The fee includes my time, experience, and professional editing of your photos. Session fee does not include any digital files or products unless otherwise noted. For more details, please check the Investment tab of this website.
Is there a minimum order requirement to hire you?
Yes, there is. For lifestyle sessions this minimum order requirement (MOR) is $900. Check each service for more details.
Do you offer digital downloads?
Absolutely! Check the Investment tab for more details.
How should I prepare for the session? What about my children?
Because we will iron out all the details of your session ahead of time, regardless of the type of session, all you have to do is show up or wait for me to show up! If you have young children, please make sure they are rested, fed and bring several of their favorite toys to the session. Bring dry, non-staining snacks to the session. Do not offer bribes or make promises that you will reward them after the session - this can make them impatient.
What type of a photography / videography do you do?
Lifestyle, real estate, aerial (drone), and brand photography and videography. In my lifestyle work, I capture honest, genuine, emotive, and fleeting moments. Basically, I make people happy cry :) Brand photography and videography capture the brand's story and elevate the brand's social media presence. These sessions are a perfect way to promote businesses and personal brands. I am also FAA Part 107 certified drone pilot.
What should I wear?
Believe it or not, this is the question I get asked the most! I will email you style guide before our session. Additionally, I have created Pinterest boards with some wardrobe ideas. If you need help/advice with anything else I haven’t though of, please let me know.
Can I change my outfit during the session?
Most sessions - except family - yes. No worries, we will discuss in detail what to wear and how to prepare for your session ahead of time.
Do you travel for photo sessions?
Yes! Most of my clients are in the Florence, S.C. - area and I shoot most sessions in town but will travel up to 3 hours by car. I charge .545 cents per mile, round-trip (as per Google Maps). I am currently not available for out-of-state travel. Please contact me for more details.
Where do sessions take place?
My sessions take place at two beautiful, private properties in the Pee Dee. If they are not available, I have other favorite locations where I photograph my families (local parks, downtown Florence, etc.). Personal brand photography take place at your business.
Can I reschedule my session?
Yes, we can reschedule once (within a 30-day period) due to an emergency or bad weather. Your session fee and/or retainer is non-refundable and will be applied to your new booking. For non-emergency cancellations, notify me 48 hours in advance. If you have to reschedule for the second time, non-refundable session fee will be charged again.
What type of payment do you accept?
Square accepts credit/debit cards only. There is no additional fee for you. You can also write me a check or pay in cash (if in person). There is an additional charge for all returned (or insufficient funds) checks.
What are the terms and policies?
All terms and policies are outlined in the contract for your specific session.

After the session

I professionally edit/retouch all the best pictures from your session. I believe in quality over quantity, so please do not be disappointed if your gallery does not contain hundreds of images. It has also been my experience that clients get overwhelmed with too many choices and trust my selection process. Your best images are carefully selected and will be available in your password-protected gallery ten days following your session.
What happens after the session?
Within 48 hours after your session, I will post a sneak preview of your session on my social media. I will start editing your photos soon after and will contact you as soon as they are ready, typically after ten days; you will be able to access them through an online viewing gallery and also order your products and digital files.
How do I view the photos from my session?
A sneak preview of your photo session will be posted on my social media within 48 hours of our session. When your complete gallery is ready, usually after ten days, you will receive login information to access it. This is where you will also be able to order your products and digital files.
How long will my proofing gallery be available for orders?
After your gallery becomes available, you will have five days to order items from your session. I will work with you to schedule the five days during which your gallery is available. After five days, the gallery will expire. In order to make it available again, a $50 republishing fee must be paid.
What type of products do you offer?
Majority of my clients absolutely love wall art and photo books. In addition to those, I also offer gift prints, metal prints, wood prints, canvases, ornaments, premium photo cards, and other products. A complete list of products will be emailed to you after booking. Gift prints start at $45 and high resolution digital files are $135.
How do I order wall art, prints, and other products?
You will be able to select your products through an online gallery. I will place the order for you and send you an invoice. If you prefer to oder in person, I will be happy to meet with you and help you order products that best suit your needs.
How long does it take to get my order and how do I get it?
Usually, I will deliver your order to you between 5 and 7 business days after you place it, either in person or through the mail.
Do you print your own photos?
No. I use a professional photography lab for prints and products.
Where should I print my own photos, if I choose to do so?
All my clients entrust me with the printing process. If you choose to print your digital downloads in a one-hour photo lab please understand that the quality of the prints will not be the same as the quality of prints you order though irjphoto.com. Consumer labs such as www.mpix.com and www.adoramapix.com are great places to start but there are many other online labs available. Please note that I do not use either of these labs for Client work but use the professional ones instead.
What size are the digital files?
This depends on the type of session. If your session includes high resolution digital (or you would like to purchase them) files, those files are the largest size possible. If you are receiving small digital files, those are printable up to 8x10.
Can I share my photos?
Absolutely! All photos come with a print release, but I still own the copyright. You may share, post, print and email photos from your session for personal use, as long as you give credit to Ivana Reay-Jones Photography. You may not crop, edit or alter my work in any way. Additionally, photos from your session are for personal use only and cannot be used for commercial, advertising or contest purposes without my prior written permission and an additional fee. This will be decided on an individual basis. For brand photography, please see your contract for details.
What about copyright?
Copyright rests solely with the Photographer. Any use, other than stated in the Photography Agreement, requires written permission and compensation. Additionally, all images on irjphoto.com are regularly submitted for copyright protection to the U.S. Office of Copyright. For more information, please read my terms and policies here.
Do you offer gift certificates?
Absolutely! Gift certificates are available for purchase through my online store.

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