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iPhone Tips for Better Photos


Easy tips for taking great photos with your iPhone

With a little bit of know-how, iPhone photos can go from good to great! Simple tips and tricks can make documenting the important moments in our lives all the easier while improving quality. We live in an age of unprecedented access to high-quality cameras in our pockets. The smartphone has given us many chances to capture everything from information on a receipt to fleeting moments with our children that would be over by the time we retrieved our camera. We can scroll through images and discard the worst and adjust the best so that we can share them on Facebook, Instagram, and all of the other social media outlets we use. Knowing how to most effectively use your iPhone camera will make these photo opportunities even more successful.  Read more for some easy iPhone tips and to see examples.

Access your iPhone Camera quickly and easily.

Tips, tricks, and hacks are certainly helpful and just knowing them will allow you to take great photographs at a moment’s notice, or make the most of lousy lighting or quick movements. One of these iPhone photo hacks that I have found most helpful is swiping left when your iPhone is on the lock screen to access your camera quickly. If you have children then you know a photo-worthy moment can be long gone by the time you even get your phone out of your pocket. So, it goes without saying, the quicker the better!

Simple and very effective iPhone photo tip for making the most of light.

Another iPhone photo hack is making the most out of mediocre lighting.  Adjust the brightness by focusing on your subject and then scrolling the brightness adjuster next to your focus box upward with your finger until you are happy with the level of brightness.   The result is a much more illuminated field of vision on your screen.  You can photograph that moment and subject matter without letting the lighting remain a negative factor in how the picture turns out.

Before and After photo example using the brightness adjuster.

Here is an example of two photos. One shows how the light looked without adjusting the brightness, the other after using the adjuster.

This is a sweet moment that my friend photographed her son, using an iPhone. In my friend’s living room she has a dim overhead light and natural light coming from a window and the front door. If you look at the before and after with the light adjustment you can see her baby boy is much more illuminated and you can really see that sweet smile.

It’s a snap! Easy iPhone tip for shake-free photos.

Another easy iPhone hack for taking better photos is using the volume button to snap the photo instead of the touch screen white button. Holding the camera horizontally and pressing the volume button gives you much more control.  The shaking and movement that may blur the picture become less frequent and you no longer need to contort your fingers to hold the iPhone still while pressing the white dot. It feels like a traditional point-and-shoot camera! But, be careful not to cover the lens slightly with the tip of your finger, which is a problem that has plagued many a good photo.

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