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15 Mar 2019

Easy Tips and Tricks for Better iPhone Photos

Easy Tips and Tricks for Better iPhone Photos:  Using the iPhone Camera Timer, Burst Mode, and Other Features to Take Great Photographs Using the camera timer on your iPhone to get a great photo. As I scroll through my iPhone photo albums, I notice that there is a recurring trend in each photo. I am not there; instead, I am taking the photos. In addition, this issue seems to plague many people, moms in particular. Does this sound like you?  […]

01 Mar 2019

iPhone Tips for Better Photos

Easy tips for taking great photos with your iPhone With a little bit of know-how iPhone photos can go from good to great! Simple tips and tricks can make documenting the important moments in our lives all the more easy while improving quality. We live in an age of unprecedented accessibility to high quality cameras in our pocket. The smartphone has given us many chances to capture everything from information on a receipt to fleeting moments with our children that […]

28 Feb 2019

About Me

About Me Hi, friend! I’m Ivana. Most days you can find me curled up on the couch with my son and husband, reading, playing board games or plotting our next family vacation. You can also catch me watching YouTube tutorials about the newest photo gadgets while sipping on a huge cup of coffee. I was born and raised in Europe and embarked on my journey to the United States 20 years ago (man, I feel old). As a little girl […]